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DVD Ripper Burner 7.2

DVD Ripper and Burner,two differenced programs: a DVD Ripper and a DVD Burner (See all)
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DVD Ripper and Burner, according to the application name, consist of two well differenced programs: a DVD Ripper and a DVD Burner.
The small initial window allows the user to decide what to do first: Rip or Burn.

By selecting the Ripper part, the application shows the DVD ripping program with the information on the DVD loaded, the regions available for decoding and the settings for General, Audio and Video adjustments.

At the General settings, some actions can be selected to take place during the ripping process.

Audio settings allows the user to choose Codecs, Bitrates, Channel and Sample rate.

Video settings offers selectable Encapsulation method, Codec, Bitrate and Scale.

The Ripper can convert DVD video files to most of all standard video formats, including subtitles and audio codecs. In addition, the application allows to preview the movie files while they are converted.

DVD Burner can record CD/DVD in any type of file formats. Also, the user can add files and/or directories to the burner, and they will be added to the coverted compilation.

The software allows as well to burn in "test mode" to simulate the recording and check all the settings (size, etc.). Also, with rewrittable disks VD/DVD can be erased before start the true burning.

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  • Many options for converting and burning. preview during conversion


  • The application is limited until System Guards" is installed
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